The Cross of Endlessness and Wind Chimes

Some of the churches in Ethiopia have weather type vanes upon their roofs, which include a symbol of the cross, known as the ‘Cross of Endlessness’ as well as wind chimes.

Although these are relatively modern devices compared to the majority of examples of spiritual protection we’ve found, they are still aspects of the warding off of evil.

The endless cross symbolises eternity, but also protection because it forms a never-ending line, and other shapes which are formed from a never-ending line were used as demon traps, to entrap any evil spirit or demon, etc, trying to enter a building, because it is thought that an evil entity would become infatuated with the puzzle, and end up transfixed forever. 

They also represent the Christian cross and hence Christ, so therefore invoke the protection of God.

The use of this type of cross with that of wind chimes and bells; which have been around since ancient China, Greece and Egypt, and examples have been found around the Mediterranean from 2000 BC; gives a double form of spiritual protection, of both a visual and audible nature. Wind chimes have been used for millennia to scare away evil spirits. Anyone may imagine a wind chime above a door or window that if brushed by an intruder, gives an immediate warning that danger is at hand. This is also true for intruders of the supernatural persuasion.

On another note, the chimes keep birds away from the church buildings, as well as other vermin, keeping the space clean and free from droppings and disease. They are also linked with good fortune and luck, as you could imagine, if in the past you are storing food or growing crops, these devices will keep the birds and pests away and therefore safeguard those stores or crops.

They are often hung around shrines, temples, sacred caves, etc, and were and are still thought to repel evil spirits and ghosts, as well as attract benevolent forces.

Here on rooftops of religious buildings in Ethiopia, they act as a dominant visual focus, drawing the eye to them, and that which is above, and as such would be undeniably noticed by any malevolent entity, as well as impossibly ignored if a weather storm is on its way.

The Cross of Endlessness and Wind Chimes Weather Vane at Debra Selam Mikael Timber Cave Church, 8th Century AD, Tigray

The Cross of Endlessness and Wind Chimes Weather Vane at the Timber Church of Abuna Aregawi, 6th Century AD, Debra Damo

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